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Our Partners have been in the Gem & Jewelry industry for more than 25 years.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of ethically sourced mined diamonds.

A few years ago, there came a popularized high technology to precisely grow beautiful gem quality diamonds which would be free from the tag "Blood Diamonds" & will make gem quality diamond “Affordable for All”. Akalpya was established a year ago, where along with our partners we strongly believe that Everyone Deserves to Wear a Diamond & LAB GROWN DIAMONDS are perfectly made for it.

Unmatched Values

Lab-grown diamonds cost up-to 40-50% less than their mined diamond equivalents. Buyers beware:

keep an eye out for lab-grown diamonds sold for a few thousand rupees per carat. The deal seems too good to be true, isn’t it? Because it probably is!

An increased number of the new generation is embracing this ethical choice as they are better,gives value for money and definitely Affordable for All.

  • "I would rather pay less for visibly same looking item than pay more and have doubts if its really Mined Diamond. "

    ~ barrons.com ~

  • "From our perspective, synthetic diamonds are diamonds. They’re not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconia. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond."

    ~ Stephen Morisseau – Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ~

  • "At a time when the earth-mined diamond supply is depleting every year, the emergence of grown diamonds is a security blanket for the industry."

    ~ Diamonds.net ~

  • "Grown diamonds can not only fill the supply-demand gap for rough diamonds globally, but also expand the market to new application areas and new profile of consumers"

    ~ Diamonds.net ~

  • Why might they be catching the eyes of millennials? "They’re new. It’s the iPhone 8 of diamonds."

    ~ Russell Shor, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ~

  • " Lab Grown Diamonds are Diamonds, by removing the term ‘Natural’ from the definition of Diamond and also the term ‘Synthetic’ to describe Lab-grown diamonds. (frame this properly) "

    ~ US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Declared ~

Supreme Quality

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds.

Furthermore, each lab grown diamond is graded separately (piece-to-piece) by our highly skilled assorters who have been grading mined diamonds for years. Whether you’re looking for small loose diamonds sized anywhere from 000 to 11, solitaires diamond or anything in between.

We have the perfect options for you.


It is the right of our next generation to enjoy beautiful and safe environment. We want to bring an end to the havoc caused to the environment and to the wellbeing diamond mining community.

Lab-Grown diamonds are driving positive change by making a difference. As they’re grown in a controlled environment, the processes used for creating lab grown diamonds are extremely safe and pose no threat to the people working on them.

As a result, these diamonds are also blood-free diamonds. Our diamonds have no carbon emission, and cause no damage to the surface of the Earth.

FAQ's Lab Grown Diamond Mined Diamond
Is it a diamond? Yes Yes
Is it Real? Yes Yes
What is its source? Greenhouse Mines
Is it eco-conscious? Yes No
What is its life expectancy? Forever Forever
Is it artificial? NO No
Is it a conflict diamond? NO Maybe
Engages child labor? NO Maybe
Can it be customized? Yes Maybe
Is it affordable? Yes Maybe
Can it meet quantity demands? Yes Maybe
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